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Working with Sylvia at Halcyon Therapies has turned my life around. I had tried many therapies over the years and could not rid myself of the clutter and debris in the recesses of my mind that were causing me so much angst in my daily life. Doing EMDR totally changed that and I now have more clarity and the ability to negotiate situations which would have felt impossible before. Thank you so much for your help. Life is a pleasure now instead of a chore.


Therapy wasn’t something I thought I’d ever opt for but after looking around & some research, I booked in with Sylvia.

Sylvia has been amazing. She has provided a comfortable, non-judgemental environment and helped me work through my issues as well as giving me the tools to cope with ‘life’ going forward. I’d highly recommend Sylvia, and am so glad I chose therapy & investing in my mental wellbeing - all with Sylvia’s help!!

anon 26yrs

I would recommend Sylvia to anyone seeking some support with their mental health. She worked through a variety of topics with me; work, living and relationship stresses and I am in such a better place now. Thank you so very much Sylvia.


I had been experiencing problems with my driving for many years; feeling anxious in certain situations and gradually losing my confidence to the point where I feared that I wouldn’t be able to drive at all!  I was so grateful that someone recommended Sylvia to me.  From my first meeting with Sylvia I felt instantly at ease; she showed such warmth, empathy and insightfulness and, combined with her professionalism and extensive knowledge and experience of mental health issues, I knew I could trust her and that she was the right person to help me .  I now understand the cause of my anxieties better and Sylvia has helped me to have a greater understanding of myself, which has had a positive impact on other areas of my life.  Through EMDR and other therapies, Sylvia has enabled me to become significantly less anxious about my driving and my confidence has increased knowing that I now have the tools to cope in a range of situations.  My world feels like it is opening up again!  Thank you for everything, Sylvia.  


At the beginning I wasn’t sure whether this therapy would work for me. From my first appointment I was made to feel at ease and at some points it slightly changed, she realised which one suited me best.  Although some points were difficult, she didn’t judge me, she made me feel it was ok not to be ok.

Mark Ospedale

Sylvia was a really insightful therapist with a wealth of experience who helped me regain perspective through her CBT and EMDR tools.  I am someone who found themselves questioning everything after a challenging year, I had lost me way, I recognised that all the coaching input I had received was not really hitting the mark – it made no difference to how I felt.  I sought out Sylvia and contacted her, form the start I found her style and compassion very easy to work with, but more to the point, it really helped me to see what I was doing and to be able to change that behaviour.  There was excellent support and advice and each of our sessions were insightful about me without going into the “spaghetti of life”.  I wholeheartedly recommend Sylvia.


I went to Sylvia for help in managing my anxiety that I have struggled on and off with for many years. Sylvia helped me identify my negative behaviour patterns and we worked together to find more positive ways to handle situations through talking, breathing techniques, compassion visualisation to name a few. As with everything we want to be good at, it is all down to practice, and Sylvia worked with me on ideas in how I can build these behaviours into my every day. I now understand how important little changes can make when you suffer with anxiety. I can’t recommend Sylvia enough. She was so knowledgeable and kind that at times it felt as if I was talking to a close friend. Her professionalism and honesty made me feel so comfortable during our sessions that I wouldn’t go to anyone else if I feel the need for further support in the future

As a man in my 50’s my long-term depression and anxiety cycles were worsening and putting a huge strain on my family and myself. Sylvia has helped me to really turn things around, I have come to terms with the past and I know that I have the tools to deal with any future challenges. It has been truly life changing, it’s never too late!

Franchesca Leigh

I am someone who has suffered from OCD since I was a young girl but wasn’t diognosed until I was 22. When I first met Sylvia I was a shadow of my old self and was suicidal. Sylvia helped me gain the confidence and mental stability to want to fight to get better, something which I never thought I would want to do. I had met a few therapist before but not anyone who truly understood my situation and failed to diognose me. I was seeing Sylvia for 5 months before I went to Australia and had the trip of a life time. Sylvia still continued to do therapy with me via Skype and supported me on my trip. There was never any judgment just consistent support and I will always be forever thankful to Sylvia she saved my life. I am now going back to university this year and have been in Australia for 2 years. These things wouldn’t have been possible without Sylvia. Although I know OCD is a battle I’ll always have to fight, Sylvia has given me the tools to do this.

Hayley Butt

Just attended Sylvia’s mindfulness workshop and was really impressed with the experience. Sylvia has an enormous amount of knowledge but, most importantly, shares and explains it so well. I love how she is so personal and professional and allowed all of us to share our thoughts with her in a calm, safe and non-judgemental environment. It’s a great introduction to mindfulness for complete beginners, but actually a great session for those who already practice too: to be able to stop and revisit those techniques. We all need reminding sometimes, and this was a perfect time and place to do that. Thanks, Sylvia, You were brilliant xxx


I was exposed to a traumatic event and was diagnosed with PTSD, I felt in a very deep dark void, Sylvia's technique of EMDR and tapping were very beneficial and her approach enabled me to get back to an acceptable and manageable daily life. I need to be consistent in my treatment and Sylvia is the first person I contact, her technique is infallible.

Gillian Jones

Professional and insightful, makes a difference to people's lives, looking after yourself starts with talking x

Ophelia Winyard

Would not have got through last year without Sylvia's help. Super and so kind and supportive xx

Lisa Glover

Absolutely knows her stuff. Trustworthy and compassionate. Loves what she does and that shines through her work. Brilliant at what she does and all she gives !!! Highly recommended.

Meriel Stokes

Sylvia is an excellent therapist, so easy to talk to. She helped me through a very difficult time, I can't thank her enough. She really knows her stuff, I highly recommend her services.

Molly Reid

So kind, compassionate and easy to talk to. I had a very traumatic birth experience which resulted in PTSD, PND and anxiety. I've been working with Sylvia on this for the past 18 months and I've completely changed. I'm happier, I feel more confident and I can now recognise my "triggers" and use techniques learnt to combat them. Cannot recommend highly enough thank you for giving me, me!!!

Rebecca Meyer

I have been working with Sylvia for several months. She introduced me to compassion focused therapy which I have found very helpful. I have been to multiple therapists and have found my therapy sessions with Sylvia the most effective.