MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy)

A therapy in its own right, MBCT is a practical based approach whereby you engage in mindfulness practices. Typically the eight-week course compromises of both formal and informal practice.

Informal practice is engaging in mindful moments 2-10 mins.

Formal practice is mindfulness meditations of 10-20 min per day.

Mindfulness involves resting your awareness on a focal point (the meditation) and noticing when you get distracted from that focal point. Once you have noticed that you have been distracted and what has distracted you, you can then choose to bring your awareness back to the focal point. The skill of noticing and choosing to bring your focus back in a non-judgmental way is the skill you are developing.

Mindfulness practice often highlights, thinking patterns, judgments, emotional difficulties, urges to behave and react. Regular practice can empower you to step back from negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours.