10th April 2018

The art of self-love.

Self-love is the basis for good mental health, I often say that we all have mental health, just like physical health and it is important that we look after ourselves, love ourselves and show ourselves compassion. But what does this look like?? Go back to when you were a small child and remember what your parents did to show you love, or if you have children in your family think what you do to show them, love. Well, that’s it!! Self-love is basically us parenting ourselves, it is the relationship you have with […]
10th April 2018

The devil and the angel on your shoulder

We all have those two voices, you know the critical one that puts you down, tells you off and makes you feel bad, I call this the devil on your shoulder. The other one, the angel, is encouraging and sympathetic, kind and reasonable. I remember “Tom and Jerry” and other cartoons that show this devil and angel on the shoulders battling it out, trying to tell tom or jerry what to do. Well, that’s not too dissimilar to our own thought processes. Other names include Devil – Angel Critical – Compassionate Emotional – […]
10th April 2018

Becoming grateful.

I wanted to talk about this subject in this blog as it is something I feel must be remembered now more than ever, with the way the economy is and how accessible everything seems to be, the more we have the more we want. I have been practising gratefulness in the mornings for a few years now and was first introduced the concept by a mindfulness guru. I have to say it really is transformational when you commit to practising daily. I’m hoping I can share a bit about how it works and […]